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Opal Photoactivator
Type: Diode
Wavelength: 689
(wavelengths may vary - see description)
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  • •Utilizes an advanced diode laser with consistent beam energy of 689 nanometers
  • •Its modular design allows easy configuration to most diagnostic slit lamp platforms
  • •Exposure time as determined by intensity, fluence, spot size, and contact lens magnification is typically only 83 seconds
  • •Quality controls known as SmartLink™ and PowerCheck™ minimize the potential for inadequate drug activation
  • •At-the-link power feedback, dual footswitch mode (continuous and staged), and a variable spot size of 0.4 to 0.8 mm
  • •Historic progress in treating AMD, pathologic myopia, and histoplasmosis
  • •Only 83 seconds of low energy 689-nanometer light
  • •Swift, office-based procedure
  • •Only targets abnormal vessels, sparing normal vessels

Indicated Uses:
(actual system indications/configuration may vary depending on options)
PDT - Photodynamic Therapy
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